We are both users and developers of a range of numerical codes. Many of the codes have dedicated homepages, which should be the starting point. Here you will find documentation on how to use them on the local compute cluster, and documentation of some of the changes that have been done by the local group.

These are some of the codes that are in use in our group:

  • Athena: Maintained at Princeton by Jim Stone. Used by people at the NBIA. In particular Thomas Berlok has used it to study chemical mixing instabilities in the intra-cluster medium
  • DISPATCH: Is a new multi-scale/multi-physics code being developed at StarPlan. A particular focus of DISPATCH is the modelling of planet formation and planetary atmospheres. The main developers are Åke Nordlund and Jon Ramsey.
  • FARGO3D: A GPU accelerated code for studying planet-disk interactions and planet migration in proto-planetary disks. It has been developed by Pablo Benítez Llambay
  • KROME: is a code for non-equilibrium astro-chemistry and microphysics. The main developer is Tommaso Grassi.
  • Nirvana: Oliver Gressel is a co-developer and major user. He uses it mainly for global models of proto-planetary disks
  • Pencil-Code: Used by Colin McNally for models local shearing-box models of proto-planetary disks
  • PP-Code: particle-in-cell code used for kinetic models of plasmas. It was developed and is maintained at the NBI.
  • RAMSES: An adaptive mesh refinement code used at StarPlan to model starforming regions
  • The Stagger Code: Is a versatile unigrid MHD code that is mainly used for modelling solar atmospheres including the corona