Bachelor and Master Projects

Most of the projects we offer are related to current research topics in the group, and if needed we support the projects with special courses abroad and access to the necessary supercomputer facilities. A project can have many different forms, and contain varying degrees of theory, analysis of already produced simulations, new simulations, development of numerical methods, and post-processing of data and comparison with observations. Here are some examples of recent past projects.


  • Chemical evolution in star forming regions
  • Angular momentum and star formation
  • Zooming in on protoplanetary accretion disks
  • Computational simulation of supernovae
  • The thermodynamics of the interstellar medium
  • Coupling stellar structure with models of star formation


  • Zooming in on Star Formation and Protoplanetary Disks
  • Radiative Transport in Star and Planet Formation
  • Integrating stellar structure inside models of star forming clouds

We maintain a catalogue of possible future projects. and you are always welcome to contact Troels Haugbølle, Åke Nordlund or another member of the group for current topics.