High Performance Computing resources

Welcome to the local documentation for the high performance computing resources of the computational astrophysics and theoretical astrophysics groups at the Niels Bohr Institute

Our groups have exclusive access to three clusters containing in total almost 3200 cores. The clusters are complemented by a massive data storage archive and a number of powerful analysis machines used as frontends for the cluster and for pre- and post-prcessing.

The cluster is hosted at the High Performance Computing center at the University of Copenhagen.

The current cluster is the result of the groups effort to keep the installation up to date, and is funded through a number of different sources

  • A Villum foundation grant to Å. Nordlund made possible the recent acquisition of 100 ivy-bridge nodes.
  • 36 Xeon-Phi nodes are supported by an ERC starting grant to M. Pessah.
  • The 30 GPU nodes were acquired with funds from the Danish Center for Scientific Computing.
  • Additional nodes, storage, and analysis hardware has been acquired through the collaborative effort of many group members and with support from the Centre for Star and Planet Formation.
  • Nvidia has donated a significant number of GPUs to the installation.

We are grateful to all funding agencies, in particular the Villum foundation, the European Research Council, and the Danish Council for Independent Research for their continued support.